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Crazy Time Tracker

Crazy Time Tracker

Crazy Time is the latest live online casino game show from Evolution Gaming. It offers four exciting bonus games that are equally fun to play or watch and is hosted by live dealers 24 hours a day from studios in Latvia.

Crazy Time is a multiplier-packed live game show and launched in July 2020. The wheel-based game has quickly become a player favourite, with recent wins of 12,500X and 10,000X sparking widespread interest and creating huge winners.

The table below shows the biggest multipliers on Crazy Time during the past 30 days, and you can watch a video replay of each bonus round.

How To Play Crazy Time

Built upon the successful Dream Catcher money wheel, players can bet on which number the wheel will land or place a wager on one of four exciting bonus games.

When triggered, the 'Cash Hunt' bonus game allows the player to choose a symbol from a large screen that features 108 random multipliers. As the name suggests, the 'Coin Flip' bonus game uses a flip of a coin to determine which multiplier will be won.

On the 'Pachinko' bonus game, the host drops a puck down a wall, and the player wins the multiplier where the puck lands. If the puck lands on DOUBLE, all multipliers are doubled until a maximum of 10,000X multiplier shows!

When the 'Crazy Time' bonus lands, the host opens the door to a vast money wheel where the player selects either a green, yellow or blue flapper. With DOUBLE and TRIPLE values on the wheel, the maximum multiplier can reach 20,000X.

The theoretical RTP of Crazy Time is 96.08%.

What are the biggest wins on Crazy Time?

The biggest multiplier win so far occurred on Wednesday, 6th January 2021 when a Cash Hunt bonus round delivered a potential win of 12,500X.

When Aris (show host) went through the red door on Thursday, 3rd September 2020, the gigantic virtual Crazy Time money wheel landed FOUR doubles in a row on the blue flapper with a final win of 8000X.

On the Pachinko bonus, the largest win so far occurred at 11.54 am on Saturday, 10th October 2020 when the final result was 5000X. This colossal figure was achieved by a 50x multiplier before the wheel had even triggered the bonus! There were over two thousand winners on this bonus round.

Pachinko delivers a memorable 5000X win

Overall, with a payout of £9.7 MILLION, this Pachinko bonus round broke many gambling records including the 'Largest Live Casino Win', the 'Largest Table Game Win' and the 'Largest Non-Progressive Win.'

In 2021, Crazy Time has already delivered some memorable wins, and the next colossal multiplier could be just around the corner. Click here to find online casinos in your country where you can play Crazy Time.

Stay In Control

Playing Crazy Time should be upbeat and entertaining. If you feel that you are playing too much, please use your casino's responsible gambling tools.

While GameShowTracker makes every effort to ensure the information on this page is accurate and up-to-date, you should exercise your own independent skill and judgement before you rely on it.