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Crazy Time - Biggest Wins on 6th May 2021

Game Show Tracker
Game Show Tracker
1 min read

The largest Crazy Time multiplier win on Thursday, 6th May 2021, was 600X and occurred at 05:48 GMT.

This multiplier was achieved by a Pachinko landing on the main wheel. In total, 1643 players had an eligible wager on this bonus round.

A 3X multiplier was active on this game round after landing on the top-slot.

600X Win on Crazy Time

What were the top-10 biggest multiplier wins on this day?

  • 600X - Pachinko bonus round
  • 500X - Cash Hunt bonus round
  • 500X - Cash Hunt bonus round
  • 400X - Crazy Time bonus round
  • 300X - Cash Hunt bonus round
  • 300X - Cash Hunt bonus round
  • 300X - Crazy Time bonus round
  • 200X - Cash Hunt bonus round
  • 200X - Pachinko bonus round
  • 200X - Crazy Time bonus round
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